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Phantom Tech

Brand: Phantom Tech
This a 46cm(not include the threaded part) extended barrel for your Kirin blaster.You are able to use the shroud and and a scar muzzle with this extended barrel. Length: 46cm without threaded part. 49.5cm with threaded part include.Colour: Titanium colour only. ..
Brand: Phantom Tech
More Shells More Fun!!!!Get a pack of 7 Flypoint shell for your Kirin blaster.Available in Orange Colour..
Brand: Phantom Tech
Want to get more fun with Kirin? Get yourselves some extra magazines It come in 3 colours:- Translucent Orange- Translucent Black- Transparent** Flypoint shell are sell separately ..
Brand: Phantom Tech
NOTE!!!!: This blaster is not available for the US customer. For US customers Click Here to buy the blaster from Shellington Labs.The new springer blaster has arrive into the field and now is available in MM store!!!!Design from Shellington Labs, manufactured by Phantom Tech. A new power h..
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