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Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle has come with a new 5x variable magnified scope. Able to adjust the view of your scope between a 1x to a 5x view with this scope unit.Built with strong metal build that can withstand a strong hit onto the scope unit itself. This unit has a tube diameter of 30mm.This unit has a feature of ill..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's tried and tested scopes now brings the new 2x Magnification scope of their own.This scope does not have any variable zoom scope function. The scope unit's design and shape is similar to that of the T-Eagle's SR3x28 scope. This unit however has a coloured brand design on the scope unit itse..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's New 2.5x Magnification scope.This scope does not have any variable magnification feature. The scope tube diameter is approx. 25mm. This scope unit has a similar shape design as the T-Eagle SR 4.5x20The scope is built in sturdy metal build, making the scope unit able to withstand hard hits...
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's new scope with a 4.5x magnification power.This scope does not have a variable zoom function. Scope reticle is a standard Mil-Spec dot reticle. This scope tube diameter is approx. 25mm.This scope mount has windage/zeroing screw adjusters on the top and the right side of the scope. The winda..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-Eagle's new variable 5x magnification scope.This scope unit has a variable scope zoom between 1.5x to 5x magnification, with a mil-dot spec sight in the unit. The diameter of the scope tube is at 30mm, usable on most scope mountsThis unit has 2 different reticle lighting colours (red and green) an..
T-EAGLE Leveling Kit
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Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Scope leveling kitFeature :- 2 separate level kits that mounts on scope and picatinny railMaterial : Aluminum and GlassIncluded : Scope mounted level & picatinny rails mounted level..
Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature :- Multicoated optical system- 4-16x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjustable diopter Compensation- Adjustable focal length- Illuminated ReticleMaterial : Aluminum and GlassIncluded : Scope, lens hood, dust cover(front and back), scope mount..
Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature : - High quality optical clarity- Multicoated optical system- 3-9x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjustable diopter Compensation-IR Lens (New Batch)Material : Aluminum and GlassIncluded : Scope, dust cover(front and back), scope mount(ring type) for picati..
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