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T-Eagle ER1-6x24 IR

T-Eagle ER1-6x24 IR
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  • Model: T-Eagle ER1-6x24 IR
  • Weight: 1.50kg

T-Eagle's new 6x variable scope has arrived in our shop.

This new T-Eagle scope now comes together with a better scope lens for better clarity on when having 6x magnification to look for far targets in your games.

This scope unit comes with the scope cover to prevent dust from affecting your aim. This unit also comes together with the scope hood to prevent any light glares shining into your scope and can be used alongside with the scope covers.

The reticle of this particular scope is new in the market. This new reticle is based on the Mil-Spec unit, but instead of lines, it has dots allowing easier ranging onto far targets. It also has red and green reticle illumination that is perfect for low light games. The reticle illumination only affects the main dot and the ranging lines.

This scope has a 30mm scope tube diameter and comes with their own 30mm scope mount.

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