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Attachments & Accessories

Kit out your gel blaster with attachments, like foregrips to suit your gel blaster handling requirements and rails to place more accessories onto your blaster.
Add on accessories to your blaster like laser pointers, scopes and sight.

Take note that they are also usable on your Nerf/Worker blaster that are using picatinny rails.
Brand: QWK
A better designed, optimized lightweighted, and reinforce piston assembly for your QWK Challenger MK3.3D nylon printed providing you a better durability for usage. Optimized design that allow lesser material resulted in overall weight reduction and better consistency and stability of  FPS outpu..
Brand: Phantom Tech
This a 46cm(not include the threaded part) extended barrel for your Kirin blaster.You are able to use the shroud and and a scar muzzle with this extended barrel. Length: 46cm without threaded part. 49.5cm with threaded part include.Colour: Titanium colour only. ..
Brand: T-Eagle
Type : Variable Zoom ScopeFeature :- High quality optical clarity- Multicoated optical system- 3-9x zoom- Adjustable windage and elevation- Adjustable diopter Compensation-This version has illuminated reticule (IR)Material : Aluminum and GlassIncluded : Scope, dust cover(front and bac..
Brand: Worker
Want to make your Worker Nightingale unit to look more tacticool?Introducing the Worker Nightingale metal part set. This set contains 2 metal side rails, 1 metal top rail, 1 Metal trigger guard, 1, metal sling hook point and 1 metal muzzle with rifling muzzle.Be mindful when purchasing this item set..
Sotac's own X300U Flashlight has arrived in our stores.A small and lightweight flashlight attachment your gel blasters.Suitable for GBB Blasters and Picatinny rails of the AR Blasters.Comes with different spring mounts for the flashlight mountBattery: CR123A Batteries ONLY (NOTE!!: There is a design..
Sotac SD-021 M600C Sotac SD-021 M600C
Out Of Stock
You have seen the M300C unit from Sotac, now meet the longer version of the flashlight, the Sotac SD-021 M600CThis unit has the same design as the M300C unit but it is approximately twice the length.Just like the M300C, it has a pressure pad unit that allows for fast reaction usage of the flashlight..
Sotac SD-015 M300C Sotac SD-015 M300C
Out Of Stock
The Sotac SD-015 M300C flashlight is one of the new flashlights that arrived in our store.This flashlight has a short short design look that allows it to be used on smaller/carbine sized gel blaster units.It uses only 1 CR123A battery (Not included with flashlight). This flashlight is still bright e..
The 1 inch rail riser is suitable for user who don't wish to bend down too much just to look down range with your preferred blaster.This 1inch rail riser only has 4 rail units. suitable for small red dot sights like the RMR, SRO, or MRO.Usable on 20mm picatinny rail units.Colour: Black ONLY..
Metal Picatinny Rail Cover with Offset Rail
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Need a new offset rail unit but don't want to have the extra height on your rails?This new offset rail should be able to satisfy your needs. This Rail cover is made in full metal construction to allow a proper hold onto your preferred gel blaster unit and better durability.This unit can hold up to 4..
Have your Sotac SD-81 MAWL-C1+ but don't have the right battery to use it?We have your back with the battery converter for the MAWL-C1+.This allows you to use 2 AA batteries, instead of the standard CR123a battery for your preferred MAWL-C1+ unit.This battery converter unit also has a wire to place ..
Rubber Picatinny Rail Covers 4pcs Rubber Picatinny Rail Covers 4pcs
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Need to keep your blasters but you don't want to have your blaster's picatinny rails dented?There is no worry for your picatinny rails as this item can help to reduce the damage when transporting your gel blaster.This comes in 4 picatinny rail pieces in one set.NOTE!!: The handguard is used for illu..
Need a new QD hook sling mount?We've got your back with the D.D. QD Hook sling mount. This unit has the D.D. design shown etched on the sling mount unit.This sling mount can be used on 20mm picatinny rails, making this unit readily usable on most AEG Gel blaster units.This unit also comes with their..
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