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Other accessories that allow your blaster to accommodate more accessories or help to make your blaster standout.

Have your Sotac SD-81 MAWL-C1+ but don't have the right battery to use it?We have your back with the battery converter for the MAWL-C1+.This allows you to use 2 AA batteries, instead of the standard CR123a battery for your preferred MAWL-C1+ unit.This battery converter unit also has a wire to place ..
Brand: Element
The Larue Index clip replicas from Element.One of the best clip to help manage the wires of your preferred Flashlight/PEQbox pressure pad wires.This pack comes with 20 units of single point wire holder, 10 units of two point wire holderUsable on 20mm Picatinny Rails ONLY.Colour: Black ONLY..
Type : Silencer CoverMaterial : Nylon fabric and elastic cordComes with : Cover and elastic cordAvailable in : - Black- Sand- Olive Drab- UCP Digicamo- Multicam..
Picatinny QD V8 Bipod
Out Of Stock
Full metal picatinny Bipod for your Picatinny rails.QD mount for your bipod forSpring locking system for bipod leg length adjustmentsColor: Black ONLY..
Xtra Long(XL) mousepad.Available in :- AR Design- AK DesignSize : 30cm x 90cm..
Size :- Medium - LargeMeasurements :> M : 42.5cm x 27.5cm x 0.2cm> L : 43.5cm x 34.5cm x 0.2cm..
Geissele Scope Mount Geissele Scope Mount
Out Of Stock
Replica of the Giessele scope mountNow comes in scope mount height of 1.93 InchesComes in :- Black- Sand..
Scope & Flashlight Ring Mount
Out Of Stock
Picatinny rail scope/ flashlight mountComes in 1 individual piece...
This can be used as a battery holder if you decide to do a forward wiring with your blaster or can be used as a tacticool piece on your blaster.Comes with detailed stickers. Available in :- Sand- Black..
2 in 1 design flat and 45 degree rail with quick release. Low profile height...
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