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Other accessories that allow your blaster to accommodate more accessories or help to make your blaster standout.

MAWL-C1+ Battery Converter MAWL-C1+ Battery Converter
Out Of Stock
Have your Sotac SD-81 MAWL-C1+ but don't have the right battery to use it?We have your back with the battery converter for the MAWL-C1+.This allows you to use 2 AA batteries, instead of the standard CR123a battery for your preferred MAWL-C1+ unit.This battery converter unit also has a wire to place ..
Element Larue Index Clips Element Larue Index Clips
Out Of Stock
Brand: Element
The Larue Index clip replicas from Element.One of the best clip to help manage the wires of your preferred Flashlight/PEQbox pressure pad wires.This pack comes with 20 units of single point wire holder, 10 units of two point wire holderUsable on 20mm Picatinny Rails ONLY.Colour: Black ONLY..
Picatinny retractable Bipod with adapter
Out Of Stock
A bipod for your Blasters.Spring loaded system for the extension for bipod legs. Can adjust the height to your liking. No specific height locking pointsTwo point position for the bipodHard rubber points for the base of the bipod legsComes with an under-barrel holding adapter.Color: Black ONLY..
Type : Silencer CoverMaterial : Nylon fabric and elastic cordComes with : Cover and elastic cordAvailable in : - Black- Sand- Olive Drab- UCP Digicamo- Multicam..
Picatinny QD V8 Bipod
Out Of Stock
Full metal picatinny Bipod for your Picatinny rails.QD mount for your bipod forSpring locking system for bipod leg length adjustmentsColor: Black ONLY..
Xtra Long(XL) mousepad.Available in :- AR Design- AK DesignSize : 30cm x 90cm..
Size :- Medium - LargeMeasurements :> M : 42.5cm x 27.5cm x 0.2cm> L : 43.5cm x 34.5cm x 0.2cm..
Geissele Scope Mount Geissele Scope Mount
Out Of Stock
Replica of the Giessele scope mountNow comes in scope mount height of 1.93 InchesComes in :- Black- Sand..
Scope & Flashlight Ring Mount
Out Of Stock
Picatinny rail scope/ flashlight mountComes in 1 individual piece...
This can be used as a battery holder if you decide to do a forward wiring with your blaster or can be used as a tacticool piece on your blaster.Comes with detailed stickers. Available in :- Sand- Black..
Multi Angle Low Profile Rail Riser with Quick Release Multi Angle Low Profile Rail Riser with Quick Release
Out Of Stock
2 in 1 design flat and 45 degree rail with quick release. Low profile height...
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