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Other accessories that allow your blaster to accommodate more accessories or help to make your blaster standout.

Introducing a new angled side mount from Ari.D. This unit is able to use with T1/T2/RMR/SRO. Come with differnt mounting plate for different optics. This mount is able to mount on a 20mm picatinny rail, it also have engrave the Ari.D logo on the unit base.Only in Black *Optics are meant for ill..
Looking to add a QD mount on your blaster?Look no further as Monkee Mods is offering you D.D. QD mount which you can mount on your blaster that have a picatinny rail. Easy to install and it come with a QD hook as well.Weight: 41gOnly in black ..
Red Dot Riser, KAC, High durability.A high riser for Red dot sight like T1 or T2, engrave with KAC logo. Riser with a height of 2.33 inch able to provide you a better view with your red dot sight. Beside that, it has an extended picatinny rail for you put on extra accessories.MeasurementFull lenght:..
Dummy Flashbang Dummy Flashbang
New Out Of Stock
Wanna be tacticool while in a MilSim game? Get yourself a dummy flashbang with functionable LED light. This a replica dummy flashbang with functionable LED light power by 2 CR123A battery. Dimension:Length: 133mmWidth: 41mmWeight: 124g*This item does not come with batteries. 2x CR123A will..
Looking a way to store your gels, darts, foam ball or others kind of accessories?Look no further, introducing the cartriges storage box that able to carry your items with ease. Easy to store and access, portable and various of design. DimensionTop Cover Length :28.7cmHeight: 17.5cmCapacity Volu..
Brand: Worker
Stylish and PrecisionA brand new bearing scar manufactured by Worker, Worker CNC Aluminium Cover Bearing Scar. This bearing scar feature the 8 degree angled bearing on the PLA printed scar unit and is protected by the anodize CNC aluminium cover, that able to provide your blaster better accuracy and..
MAWL-C1+ Battery Converter MAWL-C1+ Battery Converter
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Have your Sotac SD-81 MAWL-C1+ but don't have the right battery to use it?We have your back with the battery converter for the MAWL-C1+.This allows you to use 2 AA batteries, instead of the standard CR123a battery for your preferred MAWL-C1+ unit.This battery converter unit also has a wire to place ..
Picatinny retractable Bipod with adapter
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A bipod for your Blasters.Spring loaded system for the extension for bipod legs. Can adjust the height to your liking. No specific height locking pointsTwo point position for the bipodHard rubber points for the base of the bipod legsComes with an under-barrel holding adapter.Color: Black ONLY..
Type : Silencer CoverMaterial : Nylon fabric and elastic cordComes with : Cover and elastic cordAvailable in : - Black- Sand- Olive Drab- UCP Digicamo- Multicam..
Xtra Long(XL) mousepad.Available in :- AR Design- AK DesignSize : 30cm x 90cm..
Size :- Medium - LargeMeasurements :> M : 42.5cm x 27.5cm x 0.2cm> L : 43.5cm x 34.5cm x 0.2cm..
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