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Nerf Magazine/Clip

Having not enough dart is a common problem in any Nerf battle. Browse through our catalog of magazine that comes in different capacity which allows you to customise your battle loadout. We also offer a huge array of stefan magazine for all those stefan users out there.

Hare Technology Diana Magazine Hare Technology Diana Magazine
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Proprietary mag for Hare Technology Diana blaster. Able to load up till 11 darts (recommend do 10 darts, prevent dart squishing) . Installed with a constant force spring for consistent feeding. only come in semi transluscent black and transparent with black mag base.*Darts are meant for illustr..
XYL Talon Magazine
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Brand: XYL
A talon clone magazine manufactured by XYL. Having the same design with the talon mag include in the XYL KM-9 Unicorn blaster.Colours: Only available in Brown Transparent..
Brand: ZWQ
Finding extra magazine for your S200S Viper blaster?We got you covered, the ZWQ S200S Viper magazine is here in our Monkee Mods store. Extra mags extra the fun.This unit is having a nylon body and with a weighted metal mag base built in. Only compatible with ZWQ S200S Viper blaster. UPDATE..
Brand: Worker
Magazine for Worker Hurricane blaster. 6 rounds capacity box magazine.Comes in solid blue and solid white colors...
USD7.88 USD3.94
Brand: Worker
The adapter required to use the dragon claw mags with nerf/worker blasters.This is the adapter only. It does not include any mag...
Worker's design of the new slim low profile type stefan mag. It holds 15 rounds of stefan darts. The upside of this mag is you can fit twice the amount of mags in your pouches compared to regular stefan mags.The mags comes in a nice matte brushed metal texture that gives a premium feel to it.A separ..
First aftermarket DOUBLE STACKED magazine for Nerf dart!? Holds up to 45 rounds.With a length slightly longer than standard 18 rounds magazine, this magazine is a double stacked magazine, able to hold up to 45 rounds of dart, providing you with twice more dart than Worker 22 rounds magazine and 2.5x..
USD16.80 USD8.40
Brand: Worker
This is for full length/streamline darts only...
USD7.35 USD3.68
This is a 36mm stefan magazine. Not for FULL LENGTH..
The Stefan version of Worker's trusty 14 round PMAG. This is the latest product from Worker, this PMAG is a more updated version of the F10555 PMAG, this has better material and build quality, slimmer and also look a lot more better due to it's size. Maximum darts capacity is 15, but recommended dar..
Brand: Worker
Worker Hexmag is slightly longer than their PMAG hence allows it to carry up to 16 rounds in a single mag...
USD10.50 USD5.25
A SCAR looking mag which accommodates up to 10 full length dart.Only available in Black..
USD12.00 USD3.00
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