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QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition (Nylon)

QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition (Nylon)
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  • Model: QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition (Nylon)
  • Weight: 5.00kg

The QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition come out with new nylon receiver shell, It provide your blaster a better durability.

This blaster come with a Magnetic Active Dart Corrector. Which will help your blaster to reduce the rate of blaster jamming.

This package includes:

1x Blaster with New Nylon Upper & Lower Receiver Shells and Pro Max spring (160-180FPS) installed 

1x QWK x MM Challenger MK3 Magnetic Active Dart Corrector 

1x Magazine 

Please be noted that due to the complication of shipping a whole assembled blaster, we will be shipping the MK3 in a partially disassembled condition. You will have to put it together before it can be used. Don't worry, it's real simple and a video guide will be provided before we started shipping them.

You can read more about the product in this blog post

Note: This blaster requires a XT-30 battery and it's NOT INCLUDED in the package; THIS BLASTER PACKAGE REQUIRES MINOR ASSEMBLY BEFORE IT CAN BE USED.

This is the Standard Edition, not the PRO Edition. This version had been tuned with QWK and Monkee Mods. 

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