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F10555 Floral-Design Circle Suppressor

F10555 Floral-Design Circle Suppressor
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  • Model: F10555 Floral-Design Circle Suppressor
  • Weight: 0.30kg

F10555's New 3D printed Floral-Design Circle Suppressor.

This 3D printed suppressor has dummy porting on the suppressor itself.

This suppressor unit can be used together with the F10555 Fish Line Scar Rifled Muzzle ONLY. Other rifled muzzles will make the suppressor loose on your blaster or may NOT fit at all.

How to place the new rifled muzzle in the suppressor

  1. Open up the unit and place the rifled muzzle as shown in picture 3.
  2. Push the rifled muzzle until it is completely inside your suppressor unit completely as shown in picture 5.
  3. Close your suppressor unit with the orange cover.

If you're doing this on a blaster, here are the steps.

  1. Place your suppressor unit into your blaster's barrel.
  2. Remove the orange cap of your suppressor unit.
  3. Install the fish line rifled muzzle on the outer barrel of your dart blaster
  4. Push the body of your suppressor unit until the rifled muzzle sit in completely with the suppressor unit.
  5. Cover the suppressor unit with the orange cap given.

NOTE!!: Be very careful when assembling your this unit with the rifled muzzle.

Colour: Black with orange cap tip.

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