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Brand: Worker
The same popular Worker Prophecy Retaliator kit but bundled with a longer inner barrel.In the kit :- Prophecy Retaliator Stefan Breech- Inner Barrel- Inner Barrel Adapter- 28n Long Spring- Metal Catch Plate- O-Rings and Thumb ScrewsRecommended to use with expanded plunger tube..
Colonel Wasp Firefly Blaster (Extended Tube Ver.)
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Colonel Wasp
Kept you waiting, huh?Introducing the super popular shell ejecting shotgun by Colonel Wasp. If you're a fan of pump action shotgun, this is a must for you. This is the extended tube variant meaning that the mag tubes and barrel is longer. Shell capacity went up from 5 to 6 shells in the mag tube now..
Brand: F10555
Extend and decorate your Longshot with F10555 Longshot Extended Barrel. It looks well especially when you slap on a silencer. Include:- F10555 Longshot Extended BarrelDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Any inner barrel..
Brand: Worker
Can be attached directly to nerf standard inner barrel(19mm)It's made of aluminium...
Brand: Worker
Looking for a low cost silencer without the need of a muzzle with screw? This silencer made of aluminium, can be attached to all standard nerf inner barrel or worker inner barrel(19mm outer diameter).This silencer DOES NOT require any muzzle/flash hider with screw...
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