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ZWQ S100

S100 High FPS O-ring Set S100 High FPS O-ring Set
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Unsatisfied that the current O-rings are not giving a proper FPS?The new set of S100 O-rings are here to help .This new set of O-rings can give your S100 blaster a dart FPS of roughly 320 when using a 2.0 spring unit for the S100. NOTE!!: This O-ring set does NOT give your blaster a proper air ..
S100 Talon Mag Adapter S100 Talon Mag Adapter
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Have a stockpile of Worker Talon Mags but want to use them on the ZWQ S100 dart blaster?We have the solution for you with the S100 Talon Mag Adapter.Allow yourself to have a quick reload with the Talon Stefan Mags with this adapter for the S100.This allows you to use your preferred Worker Talon ..
ZWQ S100 War Saint Magazine ZWQ S100 War Saint Magazine
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Want to fling more darts with the ZWQ S100 War Saint, but you only have one mag to play it with?ZWQ has your back with their magazines. This magazines shows the ZWQ War Saint's Logo.This magazine can hold 14 darts, just as the original magazine that is provided in the blaster package.Blaster Compati..
ZWQ S100 War Saint Blaster ZWQ S100 War Saint Blaster
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A 300FPS powerhouse, thanks to it's huge plunger tube, the S100 War Saint is definitely a force to be reckon in the field.To learn more about the blaster, you can read our review at in full transparent and Transpare..
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