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Worker Nightingale 2.0 Semi-Auto

Worker Nightingale 2.0 Semi-Auto
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  • Model: Worker Nightingale 2.0 Semi-Auto
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Another year, another new Blaster from Worker line-up!

The Worker Nightingale 2.0 is not exactly a "brand new" blaster however, it is more like a facelift of the original Nightingale, which is now commonly referred as the "Nightingale 1.0".

Functionally they are exactly the same, down to the design of the internal and mechanism. It is a battery powered single stage micro-flywheel blaster; Fully automatic only version that utilize a motor pusher, and a semi-auto only version that uses a traditional spring-loaded pusher mech. 

The FPS output is very similar at about 120FPS when the motor is fully spun. An instant trigger pull will output about 80FPS.

The major difference being, Worker has upgraded the motors, it is now compatible with both 3S (11.1v) and also 4S (14.8v) battery, as such the battery compartment is slightly larger than the 1.0 to accommodate the larger 4S battery. During our inhouse tests, we find that there is not much of an improvement using the 4S battery, and it makes the blaster extremely loud when the motor is revving. We recommend using the 3S battery.

The Nightingale 2.0 looks a lot more streamlined and handsome compared to the 1.0, Worker done some great work improving the shape of the blaster and makes it more comfortable to hold, the grip is now slimmer and longer to accommodate larger hand size, the magazine button is also easier to access with your thumb. The Slim Talon mag now comes with a detachable stylish rubber bumper that will protect the magazine and make it look extra tacticool! It also comes with CNC Aluminum parts such as the rails, battery cover and muzzle to make the blaster feels extra premium and a good weight in hand. 

The Worker Gen2 HE Heavyweight tip darts (Green tip) is recommended for the Nightingale 2.0 to utilize the advantage of the stronger motor.

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