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Adjustable Metal Frame Shell Catcher

Adjustable Metal Frame Shell Catcher
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  • Model: Adjustable Metal Frame Shell Catcher
  • Weight: 0.50kg

Rejoice shell ejecting blaster user, a brand new adjustable shell catcher had arrived in the MM store.

This shell catcher is mount on the blaster with picatinny holder and able to adjust the position with metal frame of the shell catcher.

Easy installation, easy to use as well. Instead removing the whole shell catcher with the mount together while need to remove the shell in the netting, now you can just easily detach the shell catcher by sliding it out from the mount for collecting back the shells. Also the netting also come with a zip so you can easily empty the netting as well. 

This shell catcher have a metal frame hence the durability is sturdy and strong.

**Firefly Shells are meant photo purpose only, not included in this listing

Colour: Only Black

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