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Phantom Tech Kirin Type-A

Phantom Tech Kirin Type-A
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  • Model: Phantom Tech Kirin Type-A
  • Weight: 4.50kg

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NOTE!!!!: This blaster is not available for the US customer. For US customers Click Here to buy the blaster from Shellington Labs.

The new springer blaster has arrive into the field and now is available in MM store!!!!

Design from Shellington Labs, manufactured by Phantom Tech. A new power house bolt-action spring blaster with shell ejection, Kirin Type-A. 

Main features of this blaster: 

- Adjustable bolt handle and extractor, you are able to adjust the handle to left or right handed prime according to your personal reference.

- smooth magazine release, able to release your magazine with a minimal effort of force apply to the mag release. 

- Shell Ejecting, using flypoint shell. 

- 2 pieces part lock with 3 quick access pins, easy installation, bolt adjustment and spring exchange.

- Bolt lock when the magazine is empty to prevent dry firing.

- Hit around 160 -255+ FPS (Tested with EPP darts with various spring that being provided)

The kit will come with 

- 1x Kirin Type-A blaster

- 1x Barrel Shroud 

- 2x Kirin Magazine 

- 20 Flypoint shell 

- 20 stefan darts

- 3x Spring (1.6, 1.8, 2.0 springs)

Colour that are available : Turquoise, White

Scope and Bipod are not included in the kit, are only for illustration purpose only. 

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