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Rifling Swin X MM Firefly

Rifling Swin X MM Firefly
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  • Model: Rifling Swin X MM Firefly
  • Weight: 2.00kg

Combination expertise from Rifling Swin and Monkee Mods, a firefly with premium upgrades had born and ready to be shipped.

The "Rifling Swin X MM Firefly" is a cutting-edge product that combines the expertise of Rifling Swin and Monkee Mods to deliver premium upgrades for the Firefly blaster. This collaboration brings together the best components and features to enhance your blaster's performance.  Major standout features of the "Rifling Swin X MM Firefly" is its proprietary main spring, available in 1.7 and 1.8 variants. These main springs are specifically designed to provide optimal power and efficiency, ensuring maximum performance with each shot. To further enhance accuracy and precision, this product includes a CNC threaded breech adapter with the Rifling Swin Easy Lock Barrel. The CNC machining ensures a tight and secure fit, while the Easy Lock Barrel system allows for quick and hassle-free installation and removal. Beside that, the "Rifling Swin X MM Firefly" comes with a CNC Magazine Cap that features a fiber optic insert. This not only adds a sleek and modern aesthetic to the blaster but also provides improved visibility in low light conditions. The product also boasts a CNC plunger rod with a thinner surface. This design feature reduces friction and improves smoothness during operation, resulting in enhanced performance and longevity.


The new rifling swin x mm firefly batch will be coming with a black priming handle block instead of white. 

This listing will include: 

1x Rifling Swin X MM Firefly (Fully Assembled with 1.8 spring installed)

1x Ammo Pack

Only available in White receiver shell with grey barrel set.

**This blaster will be ship in fully assembled form. 

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