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Rifling Swin Fish Line Scar

Rifling Swin Fish Line Scar
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  • Model: Rifling Swin Fish Line Scar
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Rifling Swin, Fish Line Scar, Accuracy

A fish line scar manufactured by Rifling Swin. A highly precision fish line scar by Rifling Swin. This scar unit is like most of the rifling swin attachment, With the Easy Lock feature that fits any of the Rifling Swin Easy lock barrel. This scar unit will still be able to fit and lock most of regular foam dart blaster inner barrel (Teflon tape might be needed to secure the unit on the barrel)

Exterior is an aluminium cover while the scar unit itself is SLA 3D printed. 


Lenght: 135mm

Witdh: 25mm

Weight: 87g

Only in black colour

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