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ZWQ Hand Carrying Case

ZWQ Hand Carrying Case
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  • Model: ZWQ Hand Carrying Case
  • Weight: 3.80kg

Want to display your blaster with tacticool style?

ZWQ hand carry case able to provide the aesthetic appearance that you are looking for.

The hand carry case come with adjustable display holder. You will be able to adjust according to the size of your blaster. Built in LED lights powered by 3x AAA battery and a micro-usb port for charging if you using a rechargeable AAA battery. 

Have 3 modes able to select for the LED lights.




The hand carrying case will be able to fit most of the pistol type blaster. 

Measurement of the case:

(L)33.5cm x (W)30.5cm x (H)7cm 

Color: Black only 

Notes: Blaster and Magazine is only for illustration purpose only. Blaster, Magazine and 3x AAA are not included in this product.

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