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  • Model: HW SZ-1
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The next generation of electronic sight had arrived Monkee Mods store. Introducing the brand new in house electronic sight from Holy Warrior, SZ-1.

This brand new sight manufactured by Holy Warrior is a electronic sight with a reflective projection HUD in it. This is sight come with multiple unique features that will amaze your expectation on futuristic electronic sight. 

Main Features of the SZ-1 are:

1. The SZ-1 has in built gyroscope, thermometer and compass

- Allow to give you all the information you need during the game by looking thru the electronic sight such as distance, temperature, and able to be animated

- Multiple differentiation of reticle styles for your needs in different games and setups with just a button switch.

2. Up To IP68 level waterproof!!

- Able to withstand dust and water to a certain level of degree. Allow you to operate the sight different of kind weather setting games.

3. Shockproof 1000G!!

- able to withstand up to 1000g of recoil and maintain its zero. Real steel level shockproof electronic sight!

Sight Measurement

L: 75mm

H: 52mm

W: 50mm

Weight: 186g

Viewfinder size

L: 35mm

H: 25mm

Battery: 1x CR123A (Not include with the sight)

Colour: Only available in black

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