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Worker Swordfish Shell

Worker Swordfish Shell
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  • Model: Worker Swordfish Shell
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This is shell similar to Nerf Stryfe hence it's a flywheel blaster shell. Some aftermarket parts might not work due to interior of this shell so please make sure you check on the Internet before you make your purchase.

Our review:

If I were to compare it with Prophecy-R, this is just fat/bulky and not as attractive as Prophecy-R. They both have similar build quality but another asymmetric Stryfe shell? That's very disappointing.

The side of the shell holding everything is super fat. The ratio is probably 2:1 which is about 67% geometry was on the right side of the shell. If you hate Stryfe being like that, you will hate this even more. This is generally bigger than a Stryfe.

Enough on the downside, let's look into why they decided to do so. 1 thing for sure, you have plenty of room within the shell, probably to install auto kit and if you fancy those Arduino electronics, this shell have ample space for it compared to a Stryfe. This extra room also allow you to install 180 motor without cutting the shell. Worker released their own 180 motors earlier so it make sense for them to support this. However, on the flywheel cage area, you might need to sand something down depends which cage you are using. I find it's bit too tight for certain cages. There is a dart guide assist built within the shell but it might interfere with some custom cages dart guide.

For lock-sake wise, there is a trigger lock(the ones where you need to push rev before you can fire it). For modding sake, most of us will throw it away anyway. The rev trigger area provide 2 support holes to allow you to mount a standard omron 5A/10A switch and screw it down. This is a game changer because modder used to mount the switch with hot glue or epoxy. This way it's much more reliable than glue which you know, decide to drop off middle of a war.

Overall, it's great to have more 'mod orientated' Stryfe shell, removing a lot pain in the ass while modding your tier-0-1-2-3-x-y-z Stryfe. Look wise, it's worst than a Stryfe, grip is longer but just feel narrower(Prophecy-R have a shorter but fatter pistol grip). If you have OCD, you can forget about this shell. Just imagine you have a big fat lipo expanded battery door with that shell, the proportion is just horrible. But if you are looking to mod, while the flywheel cage area might not be that perfect, it have a lot of room to work with. They released an auto kit to go with it so that is definitely a plus. And a transparent shell is always a dream, be it if you just want install someLED, or adding some color to the shell or just admiring those CNC flywheel cage or colorful motors that you just got.

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