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Titan Hyperion

Titan Hyperion
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A fully optimized flywheel motor for all flywheel blasters, custom tailored to deliver a high amount of torque without the need to cut your shell.This is the best aftermarket motor you can have without altering the flywheel blaster parts. The motor is designed to be used with 2S Lipo (7.4V), as they stall at 26A each so a high current switch or MOSFET build is highly recommended to fully utilize the motor. Spec at 33000 RPM (the magic number), this motor will hit critical velocity, giving darts fired from your blaster an FPS (feet per second) reading of 120FPS. The FPS depends on the dart and cage setup. The motor has also proven it is capable of handling the Open Source Flywheel project high crush cage that produced an incredible 140FPS. Recommended battery: 2S Lipo (7.4V) No load RPM: 33000 Stall Current: 26A Stall Torque: 509

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