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T-Eagle R1.5-5x 20 IR

T-Eagle R1.5-5x 20 IR

T-Eagle's new variable 5x magnification scope.

This scope unit has a variable scope zoom between 1.5x to 5x magnification, with a mil-dot spec sight in the unit. The diameter of the scope tube is at 30mm, usable on most scope mounts

This unit has 2 different reticle lighting colours (red and green) and able to be adjusted on the left side of the scope. There is also an IR lighting feature in the scope that makes it suitable for low light and night games. A CR2032 flat button battery (Included inside the scope unit) is needed to make use of this feature.

The scope's windage and zeroing can be adjusted with the knobs on the top and on the right side of the scope units. The windage/zeroing adjuster is easy to operate. Pull up the knob to unlock the adjusters. There will be clicks to every inch of adjustments as you turn the knob. Push the knob down to lock your desired windage/zeroing in place

The scope unit also features the scope flap covers that allow you to keep your scope lens in pristine conditions. This scope covers are also removable for those who don't want to have any interference in their aiming.

It also has a scope hood extender to prevent the sun glare from blinding you. You can also place the scope flap cover onto the hood extender.

NOTE!!: The scope unit doesn't have its own scope mount. The G-style scope mount is used for illustration purposes. It doesn't come together with the scope.

Colour: Black ONLY

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