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Sotac SD-81 MAWL-C1+

Sotac SD-81 MAWL-C1+

Introducing the SOTAC replica of the BE Meyers MAWL C1+. The MAWL was designed as an improvement over conventional IR devices such as the PEQ and DBAL with improved ergonomics while minimizing the amount of rail space typical used by such devices. It has a working standard flashlight and laser pointer, along with a functioning IR light and IR Laser pointer. The instructions on how to operate this unit is written on the cover of the box.

This is achieved through its unique mounting position at either the right (1 o’clock) or left (11 o’clock) side of the handguard (user configurable) which allows it to take up less rail space on the top rail and prevent the IR device from compromising the shooter's grip. The offset position of the MAWL also prevents it from blocking the user’s field of view while looking through low mounted optics. This unit also has magnetic switch in the front of the unit that allows you to keep your battery in this PEQ/DBAL unit from being drained. 

The activation buttons are also ergonomically located and built into the unit to provide easy access to the user without having to worry about loose pressure pad cables. Best paired with Surefire style rifle lights (M600/M300 series). This unit uses 1 CR123a battery. 

-LED flashlight with approximately 350 Lumens
-Uses 1x CR123A battery
-LED Strobe, Green visible laser, IR laser
-Compatible with 20mm picatinny rail 

Colour: Black and Sand ONLY

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