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ShanYe Knockout "JiaoLT" Conversion Kit

ShanYe Knockout "JiaoLT" Conversion Kit

A new upgrade for NERF Rival Knockout, The ShanYe Knockout "JiaoLT" Conversion Kit. 

This kit is a 3D printed conversion kit done by ShanYe.

This conversion kit switch your NERF Rival Knockout from a Rival foam ball blaster into high power and accuracy foam dart blaster. 

Preferable using a 25-28cm barrel while using this kit and it able to give out 170+FPS with stock spring. 

For more detail explanation, can watch the video below: 


Installation Guide Video:

NOTES: This conversion kit doesn't come with any barrel, iron sight, bearing muzzle and the NERF Rival knockout blaster itself, just only the conversion kit.

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