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QWK Challenger Mk3 Original Design 3D Printed Foregrip

QWK Challenger Mk3 Original Design 3D Printed Foregrip

This is definitely one of the most longest awaited Foregrip and it is now finally available in our store !
This foregrip is designed originally by QWK to go with the QWK Challenger Mk3 Blaster. It fits the blaster futuristic design language and ergonomic perfectly well.

Strongly recommended! Please be noted that you will need the bottom rail installed before this can go on to the blaster. This grip is friction fitted and require no screws, tested with the metal rail that comes with the MK3 Pro Max.

If your own choice of rail is too loose for this grip to be friction fitted on, you may need to use some non-permanent glue to fix it in place.

Got a 3D printer? You can print it yourself too! Grab the STL file right HERE!

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  • Model: QWK Mk3 3D Printed Foregrip
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