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OFP Aurora Cage Worker Standard Flywheel Bundle

OFP Aurora Cage Worker Standard Flywheel Bundle
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  • Model: OFP Aurora Cage Worker Standard Flywheel Bundle
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OFP Aurora flywheel cage is one of the first injection molded aftermarket flywheel cage, designed for Stryfe and Rapidstrike.

Sporting a 42.5mm cage design, you can expect about 120-140FPS(depends on wheels used) performance from this flywheel cage. This cage have similar configuration as Serenity cage where they are all 42.5mm setup while having a long dart guide to further improve your accuracy. 

Thanks to the polycarbonate(PC) material, the cage is much stronger than your usual plastic. The high melting point of the material allow you to pair it with any aftermarket motor you wish to use with it without worrying about warping or melting issue or leaving it in your car under the summer heat. It's way superior than your standard printed cage. While cages made from aluminium are more superior than OFP Aurora, it's just by a tiny bit. An CNC aluminium cage are slightly more quieter but they are also heavier. In terms of normal performance and other reference point, the OFP Aurora is on par with an aluminium cage for a FRACTION OF THE PRICE!

The glass like material is not only strong, but an eye candy to see. OFP Aurora also came with 2 LED holes which you can mount your LED to further customise your cage. We can't wait to see what you will do with it!

Note: This cage is also compatible with Worker Swordfish shell but minor sanding will be required on the shell to make it a nice fit, similar to any OFP cage. Evader is not supported as it's flywheel cage mount is different than Stryfe/RS.

Package includes:

- OFP Aurora Flywheel Cage

- Motor mount screws

- Flywheel cage mount screws

- Worker Stryfe/RS Flywheel

Manufactured and packaged by Monkee Mods. Designed by Open Flywheel Project (OFP).

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