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  • Model: MM BCAR300
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Introducing our in house designed BCAR that we spent countless round of testing to deliver you an optimum BCAR for your blaster.

This BCAR utilise a common threading across our future product lines, enabling you to use compatible silencer/diffuser that we will be releasing in the future. Mount onto standard 16mm OD barrel using a double O-ring design.

BCAR300 utilize more spin and is rated for 300FPS. Recommended for 250+ FPS and above blaster(Negative effect on lower FPS blaster). Performs best with Worker Gen2/Gen3/Bamboo/Heavyweight. Highly recommended to use Heavyweight dart for best result.

We are having it in Black or Orange colours now!!!

If you are interested on how we came out with this BCAR, you can read it here.

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