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Monkee Mods Aluminium Inner Barrel for Worker & Artifact Kit (35cm)

Monkee Mods Aluminium Inner Barrel for Worker & Artifact Kit (35cm)

Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blaster FPS as an optimum length of barrel will allow your blaster to hit it's peak performance. There are no best length of barrel as it depends on your blaster configuration such as your spring load, the kits you are using and the seal of your blaster. All of these variables play a role in determine which barrel to use. What work for others might not work for you so you will have to trial and error and pick the optimum barrel for your blaster.

35cm barrel is ideal for Longshot packing around 16KG+ spring with a good seal. These are just estimation as it varies from blaster to blaster.

This barrel is compatible with these stefan kits:

- Artifact Longshot Hunter Kit

- Artifact EAT Stormer Kit

- Artifact Ret Punisher Kit

This barrel will work with these stefan kits with some sanding:

- Worker Longshot Stefan Kit

- Worker Prophecy/Ret Orange Power Stefan Kit

- Worker Prophecy/Ret Blue Stefan Kit

Inner Barrel Specification

Length: 35cm / 350mm

Inner Diameter: 13mm

Outer Diameter: 16mm

Breech Diameter (Widest) : 13.8mm

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