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MM Seagull Compensator

MM Seagull Compensator
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  • Model: MM Seagull Compensator
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Upgrade your Seagull look with this cool looking sci-fi compensator that flush nicely, hiding your BCAR within it!

This is designed with MM BCAR in mind, but it will work with any small BCAR that can fit within it or you can even run it without BCAR. Please note that unlike the short version, this WILL NOT flush with the longest barrel in Seagull’s box with MM BCAR. MM BCAR will protruded outside the compensator if you are using the longer barrel in the Seagull’s box.

Comes with an locking piece to lock the compensator in place if you aren’t using MM BCAR.

Body Length(inclusive of tip): 113mm

Tip Hole Diameter: 29Mm

Available in Black, Pink, Purple, and White

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