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ZWQ S200S Viper

ZWQ S200S Viper
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  • Model: ZWQ S200S Viper
  • Weight: 1.50kg

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The newest design of the ZWQ S200.

Average FPS with stock spring: 90-95

Stock Spring diameter: 1.4

Inside the box will include a 1.6 spring, that will increase the FPS up to 170+ using QWK EPP darts.

Compatibility : The main upgrade spring, and S200 holder.

The slide is RMR ready.

Update from Monkee Mods (16/5/2023)

The new revision from ZWQ S200S Viper is here!!! The stock dart gate and barrel now is threaded which provide a better air seals and make exchange barrel easier Now everyone can have a easier configuration on the ZWQ S200S Viper. The slide had a an upgrade as well, now it come with the front ported and better design of the iron sight.

*The O-Rings from the stock barrel is to increase the grip nothing to do with seal.


Magazine is proprietary. 

ZWQ S200 Fire Rat Blaster magazine is not compatible with this blaster.

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