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ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate (Threaded)

ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate (Threaded)
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  • Model: ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate
  • Weight: 0.20kg

The ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate unit

This dart gate unit is made in metal material giving it higher durability for longer blaster usage in games

This unit comes together with a metal air gate that is the the other end of the plunger tube unit and a pair of screws to hold the whole unit together.

NOTE!!: Usage of metal parts might increase the weight of the blaster. Mod your blaster responsibly !

Update from Monkee Mods (15/8/2023):

Now the new dart gate is come with threaded version that allow you to use any kind of threaded barrel offer in the market. This threaded dart gate also come with a barrel with it.

Colour: Black ONLY

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