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HW Eye Protection Tactical Glasses SZG

HW Eye Protection Tactical Glasses SZG
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  • Model: HW Eye Protection Tactical Glasses SZG
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Looking for some decent eyes protection gears but in a more budget price range? Look no further, Introducing the new in house eyes wears series from Holy Warrior.

This is an eye protection glasses with a in built lens frame that you are able to install your own prescription lens, kudos for all the glasses wearer now able to have a clearer vision without wearing contact lens. The glasses also come with 4 different lens (lens' thickness 2mm) that you able switch according to your game environment condition. Also the glasses are bulletproof claimed and tested by Holy Warrior. 

Contained item:

1x Glasses with lens and frame for prescription lens installed

3x Extra Lenses

1x Carrying cloth bag

1x Microfiber cloth 

1x Carrying hard case

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