Hi there modders.

Today we'll be doing a very simple modding for the most favourite AEB foam slinger, THE COLONEL WASP X MONKEE MODS 76.

We'll be placing in the Community built Sillybutts handguard instead of the standard front barrel shroud.

The things you need to have are your already owned CWxMM 76 blaster unit or any other 76 blaster units purchased from other places, Extended barrels (Recommended length between 27-30cm, IMPORTANT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE PURCHASED THEIR 76 BLASTER UNITS OUTSIDE OF OUR WEBSTORE!!), SillyButts handguard assembly unit, 2 O-Rings, & tools.

The parts that you will receive when you purchase the SillyButts handguard (Missing the main body of the handguard, oops)

The first step is to take your the upper receiver of the 76 blaster and remove the barrel shroud. DO take out the 2 grub screws and the barrel from the dart gate. If you have glued the barrel to the dart gate, use a hot air gun to melt the glue. For those who have bought the 76 unit outside of our shop, do prepare a 27-30cm aluminium barrel

Make sure to keep your barrel shroud and dart gate/dart gate assembly safely if you wish to revert it back to the original 76 look. Place the grub screws and barrel aside, we will make use of them later.

Step 2 is to open up the upper receiver of the 76.

The opened upper receiver 

This step is important as it is needed to place the dart gate of the SillyButts handguard. Place the dart gate in front of the pusher area.

Sillybutts Dart gate Installed

(NOTE!!: Sillybutts dart gate for the handguard build may be a bit tight for the 76 pusher. Do SAND it down until the pusher does not get stuck at the dart gate at all.)

Once it is done, do close up the upper receiver. Do check if your dart gate is placed properly.


Next step is to build the handguard.

If you wish to do this with the aluminium barrel built together, you can do it based on the picture below.

(Rear piece of the Sillybutts handguard with the barrel)

You can place one of the O-Ring on the thin end of the barrel.

(O-ring on the thin end of barrel)

Be sure to use the o-ring with a diameter of roughly 16mm and having a thickness of about 2.2mm


Place the other parts of the handguard together onto the barrel and place the other o-ring on the other end of the barrel,

Secure it with the two picatinny rails and 6 provided screws

Top Rail secured                              

 Bottom Rail secured

To those who are using the barrel from the CWxMM 76 Blaster or any other external barrel, do replace the teflon tape to give a proper air seal.

To complete the build, secure the handguard to your upper receiver.

First, you have to place the barrel into the Sillybutts dart gate. Slowly adjust the O-ring till it is close to the dart gate. Use the grub screws from earlier to secure the Sillybutts handguard onto the upper receiver.


(Secured handguard to 76 upper receiver.)

Complete it by placing the front cover piece. adjust the O-Ring till it is close to the handguard

(Secured Front piece of the handguard)

The blaster with the handguard should be looking like the picture below.

(It's upside down but you get the idea.)