ZWQ is back again with yet another blaster, the S200, AKA the Fire Rat. The S200 is an injection molded magazine fed pistol springer, which takes short dart ONLY as it's ammo. The S200 comes in 4 different colors: Pink/Black, Sand/Black, White/Black and Transparent/Black.

SO...Is it a Gecko clone? Well, Yes and no. Internal wise, it did take inspiration from Gecko, because nothing much you can do outside of the box to make a blaster in this small and compact package, but they did make some changes and improvement to it. It comes with a slide lock mechanism, which will lock the slide when there is no more dart in the magazine which is honestly a very very neat feature to have. Why you ask? It's a great indicator to the user that the mag is empty and it's time to reload instead of dry firing the blaster once or twice before realizing the blaster is empty. There is also a slide return spring that will automatically sling the slide back to its battery when you release the slide after priming the blaster, super cool but it has a downside, it increases the priming load, meaning it will make priming harder. Probably a good idea to remove the return spring if you want it to be more efficient.

Oh and if you are the "It's not Worker Talon mag compatible? I'm not buying!" crowd then you can stop reading, because the S200 uses only their own proprietary magazine. The upside though? The proprietary magazine design is way slimmer than the Worker Talon, hence the grip of the S200 is also superior than the Gecko's ergonomically.

One of the biggest pros found in the S200 is definitely the main receiver shell. The receiver is a never seen before in the foam flinging scene injection molded single piece receiver that offers superb build quality compared to the common 2 pieces butterfly split designs. Hence assembling and disassembling it will be trickier opening it up for the first time for many people. The upside? No ugly screw holes and it is absolutely a beauty to look at.

We've gotta say, ZWQ made a huge improvements with the S200 on both the build quality and aesthetics compared to the S100.


Let's talk about the performance. ZWQ S100 is well known for it's huge plunger tube, but sadly not the S200. It has a smaller plunger tube than Gecko, probably a small sacrifice to make so that the blaster can look and feel way sleeker than the Gecko. But, even with a smaller plunger tube, the S200 is able to produce about 105 FPS in it's stock configuration which is running on a 4KG Spring. If you are getting your S200 from Monkee Mods, it is bundled with a 6KG spring and upgraded catch spring in our S200 variant. With the 7KG spring in, the S200 can produce around 135FPS, a good 30FPS boost from it's stock configuration and still very easy to prime. If you are looking to boost the FPS further, there are more stiffer spring available in our store, but we strongly recommend you to get metal catch plate, metal plunger rod and metal slide upgrade. In our test, we managed to hit 155FPS with a 10KG spring on a stock barrel, a pretty good number consider how small the plunger tube is. You can consider a longer barrel to gain more FPS if you are aiming at 10KG or higher.

So what's included in the Monkee Mods / International variant again? We will bundle a 6KG spring in the package but you will have to swap it in yourself. We have also noticed that if you upgraded your main spring without using a stiffer catch spring, it will lead to some catch and misfiring issue hence we included 2 more stiffer spring as well for good measure. Barrel upgrade seems unnecessary at 6KG rate hence we didn't include that in the package. However, you can purchase it separately if you want too. The blaster will be priced at $50, with all the extra perks we threw in.

Overall, the S200 is a superb looking and easy to operate blaster. With just a spring swap, you are looking at a decent performance side arm blaster. There are a lot of metal upgrades for this blaster, be it the internals or the exterior. With a strong support from the manufacturer, the S200 is definitely something you should look out for when shopping for a sidearm blaster. The S200 is one of the most popular sidearm blaster in China right now and we can see why. You can grab a S200 yourself once it's available in our store!