Hello peeps, we have receive numerous feedbacks on option on how to pre-order certain products as some of them get sold out pretty quick. Some of the reasons we don't take pre-order are because we feel it's unnecessary commitment that we are committing to (as some of you can get quite impatient) and we aren't sure if we able to secure some products as the manufacturer have issue delivering them such as Colonel Wasp's Firefly blaster. However, this also evidently hinders some of you guys from obtaining the product soonest possible as you will have to wait us to restock and grab it before it got sold out, again. The most recent case for example, would be the Worker Swift where ALL of them were grabbed within a day. We have more stocks coming in but it's just not fast enough to keep up with the demand.

Hence, we are launching our Pre-Sale initiative where we will open up certain products up for pre-sale/pre-order so you can order the product that you want. This is so that whatever that we have ordered from our manufacturer is insufficient at the point of time, we can immediately place additional order to get more units sent and reduce the waiting time for you. To make it up for the extra waiting time on your end, we will offer incentives if you choose to purchase our Pre-sale product. Not only that you can secure a unit when it's available, you can also save more while doing so. 

We do understand that pre-ordering a product can sometimes be frustrating to say the least, so we would like to setup some regulations which we hope we can protect you from unnecessary headache.

Pre-sale Terms

  1. All orders should be shipped out within 45 days after date of order placed. Failure to do, we will reimburse customer with store voucher or customer can request for a full refund.
  2. Customer can request a full refund after 30 days counting from the day ordered, if the order is still not shipped out from our end. Any cancellation before 30 days,  90% refund will be granted to prevent abuse to the system. Refund only applicable to the pre-order item, other items in the same order cannot be refunded.
  3. We will not ship out the order until all the items are ready to ship so please refrain from ordering other ready stock products in the same order if you want it shipped separately.
  4. No changes can be made to Pre-sale product option (colors, specification etc) once it's placed.