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XSW Stryfe XMD-1 Bullpup Kit XSW Stryfe XMD-1 Bullpup Kit
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Brand: XSW
Convert your Stryfe into a bullpup with this XSW XMD-1 Bullpup kit. Comes with wiring and auto kit so you can wire your new bullpup Stryfe to rain darts on your target! Include: - XSW XMD-1 Body Kit and buttstock- XSW XMD-1 Full Auto KitDoes not include:- Any Muzzle- Any blaster- Wirings e..
Stryfe Full Auto Kit
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Brand: XSW
Convert your semi automatic stryfe into full auto. Can be installed with separate battery tray or wired directly to the main battery.On 2 ultrafire(around 8V), it can do 7+ darts per second. 3 ultrafire setup should bump it up to 11-12 darts per second.P/S: This is a DIY kit. Installation video:(cre..
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