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Worker is probably the number 1 Nerf blaster aftermarket part manufacturer in the market currently. Based in China, due to the superior product build quality, Worker products find it's way to Nerfers all around the world and it have been the go to manufacturer for Nerfers around the world. Started off by making one of the best quality Nerf magazine, Worker have found themselves producing almost every aspect of Nerf modding part that you can possibly imagine. Ranging from springs, flywheel cages and currently they also offering custom Nerf blaster shell with superior build quality. Worker products are known to be affordable with fantastic build quality. No doubt, they are the king when it comes to Nerf aftermarket part.

Brand: Worker
Full auto pusher + return spring for Worker Stryfe/Dominator full auto pusher..
Brand: Worker
Metal gears set for Nerf Stampede full auto blaster..
Worker Type C Angled Foregrip
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
Type C 45 degree angled foregrip.Transparent only...
Brand: Worker
This is sort of an unexpected product from Worker, the Worker Hurricane flywheel blaster. It is a small form factor flywheel blaster, pretty much a sidearm for your foam flinging loadout.The hurricane is powered by 2 AA size battery but you can just cut off the wiring point and pair it with a XT60 c..
Brand: Worker
Improve the durability of your plunger tube with smoother operations. ..
Brand: Worker
Convert your raptorstrike to shoot stefans...
Brand: Worker
Upgrade your longstrike to fire stefans.Optional :- Metal front adapter- Plastic front adapter..
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