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Worker Hurricane Blaster

  • Brand: Worker
  • Product Code: Worker Hurricane Blaster
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This is sort of an unexpected product from Worker, the Worker Hurricane flywheel blaster. It is a small form factor flywheel blaster, pretty much a sidearm for your foam flinging loadout.

The hurricane is powered by 2 AA size battery but you can just cut off the wiring point and pair it with a XT60 connector to utilise a lipo instead. The magazine for Worker Hurricane holds up to 6 darts. Using a smart rotation mechanism, the magazine is loaded on the top, allowing you to quickly reload or swap magazine without much hassle. 

Performance wise, the blaster packs about 80-90FPS on LifePo4 Coolook rechargeable batteries, decent for a side arm. But what's great about this blaster is that, it is actually quite accurate. We tested it with some FVJ and the accuracy is quite good coming from such a small sidearm blaster. 

While the looks might be debatable, we think Worker Hurricane is actually not bad for a side arm with simple mechanic that just work. After all, if you are looking for a sidearm, you are looking for something small, accurate and yet reliable. Since it's a flywheel blaster, you get higher rate of fire too. All of these combined make Hurricane actually a very good side arm blaster when you are in some bad position on the field whether a zombie is closing on you or you ran out of ammo on your primary blaster.

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