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Stefan or also known as 'short dart' or 'half length dart' within the Nerf community, is usually a 36mm variant of dart used by certain Nerf community. A standard Nerf dart is usually 7.2cm long in total, a stefan dart is usually only 3.6cm long in total. The reason of using a shorter dart is to reduce the drag due to the long foam of the dart, and to avoid fishtailing issue as the center mass of the dart is further back in a normal full length dart. Hence, stefan is often associated with high power blaster as they benefits more when paired with a higher FPS blaster. This is a normal misconception as we often seen 100-120FPS stefan blaster being used around in the field since they have a more stable flight path, they tends to be much more accurate that a normal length foam dart. Using a stefan blaster will usually requires a different magazine, and normal blaster usually unable to fire stefan dart without any modification. Few years back, the Nerf community are firing stefan dart using various kind of brass barrel based breech but nowadays, you can easily get high quality drop in stefan kit for your blaster and you are good to go.  

Brand: Worker
The latest from Worker stefan kit for Longshot. This kit is designed to use 28n long spring instead of the standard longshot spring. By using 28n long spring, you get softer priming yet retaining the power you get from using a high load standard longshot spring. Less strength required to prime means..
Brand: Worker
Convert your raptorstrike to shoot stefans...
Brand: Worker
Upgrade your longstrike to fire stefans.Optional :- Metal front adapter- Plastic front adapter..
Worker Stefan (Gen 3) Worker Stefan (Gen 3)
New Out Of Stock
Brand: Worker
A new gen of Worker Stefan dart, with better quality200 darts per box. Price is per boxDue to bulky size, the only shipping method is express shipping limited to 5 boxes of dart per order...
Brand: Worker
Upgrade your Elite Alpha Trooper to fire stefans...
Monkee Mods Inner Barrel for Worker & Artifact Kit (25cm)
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Brand: Monkee Mods
Tune your blaster with these inner barrel to increase your blaster efficiency and FPS output. Using a proper length of barrel will increase your blaster FPS as an optimum length of barrel will allow your blaster to hit it's peak performance. There are no best length of barrel as it depends on your b..
Factory cut stefan FVJ stefans. Sold in packs of 100...
Brand: Worker
Plastic adapter to be used with Worker Longshot Stefan Kit and Longshot Stefan Kit with Scar Barrel.Works with both Blue(normal) and Orange(power) kits...
Brand: Worker
Plastic adapter to be used with Worker Gen.2 Prophecy/Retaliator Stefan kit.Works with both Blue(normal) and Orange(power) kits...
Stefan conversion kit for Rival Kronos blaster.Includes :- Breech replacement- Inner barrel replacement- Spare o-ringsNote*Irreversible shell modification required to use this kit. This kit is designed to work with Worker Talon Mags...
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