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Upgrade battery for those of you who would like to increase the performance of your flywheel blaster without switching to lipo batteries. Comes with 2 dummy batteriesDO NOT CHARGE THE DUMMY BATTERIES!..
USD7.50 USD6.38
Brand: F10555
An extended buttstock for Longshot.(not adjustable)Available in black and grey...
USD22.50 USD19.13
Brand: F10555
This is a 3D Printed kit.This kit includes:- Front Barrel attachment- Stryfe Top Patch and Side Patch- 2x 5cm Side Rails- 29.7cm Stryfe Top Rail Mount- Worker Inner BarrelThis kit DOES NOT contains:- Any kind of muzzle- Foregrip attachment- Buttstock- Blaster*New White color kit now available..
USD45.50 USD38.68
Titan Hyperion-X Titan Hyperion-X
Hot -15 %
Brand: Titan
Introducing Titan Hyperion-X, the 3S variant motor that is based on Titan Hyperion(132 size). With a stall torque value of 619, stalling at 20A, and with a beautiful red finishing, the Hyperion-X have one of the best performance to price ratio among all others Nerf aftermarket motor.Now you ha..
USD4.00 USD3.40
Brand: Worker
Allows you to use Worker M16 stock on Retaliator. Usually comes with Worker/F10555 Buffer Tube...
USD1.50 USD1.28
Brand: Worker
Injection molded receiver upgrade for Worker Caliburn blaster. Increase durability for your caliburn blaster...
USD42.00 USD35.70
Brand: Worker
First aftermarket DOUBLE STACKED magazine for Nerf dart!? Holds up to 45 rounds.With a length slightly longer than standard 18 rounds magazine, this magazine is a double stacked magazine, able to hold up to 45 rounds of dart, providing you with twice more dart than Worker 22 rounds magazine and 2.5x..
USD16.00 USD13.60
Brand: Worker
Available in :- Rose Gold- Red- Silver..
USD4.00 USD3.40
Brand: Worker
Worker 7kg spring upgrade for Retaliator.This is the best bang of your buck spring upgrade for your Retaliator!The package includes a 7kg main spring, a better O-ring for the breech, a silicone padding for the high impact points within the blaster such as the plunger tube and plunger rod.This spring..
USD6.00 USD5.10
Brand: Worker
This is for full length/streamline darts only...
USD7.00 USD5.95
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