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ZWQ S200

Just like the Basic carbine body kit, the complete carbine kit comes with the necessary parts and pieces.This body kit comes with an additional upper piece that covers the priming bars from the basic carbine bodykit.The top piece has a raised iron sights and a removable picatinny rail mount to put y..
The New body kit for the ZWQ S200 unit.This bodykit makes your preferred S200 unit look like a carbine unit. This body kit will give your S200 blaster a significant weight increase and will make it front heavy.This bodykit unit also has a placement for your laser pointer unit (most likely a simple l..
ZWQ S200 Metal Front Piece
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The metal front piece for the ZWQ S200 has arrived on our stores.This unit is suitable with the ZWQ S200 Metal Priming block set, as the unit also has a hole point for the fiber optic. This unit does not come with the 2 screw bars to hold the front piece in your preferred S200 unitColour: ..
ZWQ S200 Metal Priming Block Set
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Need to have more durability for the priming block of your preferred S200 unit?We have the Metal priming block set made specifically for it. This priming block is separated into few pieces, which are the priming block clips, the priming block and the priming block wings.This priming block unit also ..
ZWQ S200 Metal Pusher Rod
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The Metal Pusher rod is the new addition to our metal parts for the ZWQ S200.This is the more durable metal construction of the S200 pusher rod. Instead of one whole piece, the metal pusher rod comes in two pieces, which are the pusher rod itself and the pusher rod holding block.This unit also comes..
ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate
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The ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate unitThis dart gate unit is made in metal material giving it higher durability for longer blaster usage in gamesThis unit comes together with a metal air gate that is the the other end of the plunger tube unit and a pair of screws to hold the whole unit together.NOTE!!:&n..
ZWQ S200 Metal Slide Catch Spring Plate
New -15 %
The original ZWQ S200 Slide catch spring plate is worn out/broken?We have the metal replacement part for it. This unit allows the slide catch spring to be held inside the S200 longer.Colour: Black ONLY..
USD17.50 USD14.88
We have the S200 Metal Priming bar for those who ordered the ZWQ S200 Metal Priming Block set as well.This priming bar is for those who don't wish to have the original clipping style priming block.This priming bar is placed on the metal priming block. There is a screw port on each side of the primin..
Need more FPS out of your current S200 Blaster?We got the new 1.8 Upgrade spring for the S200 Fire Rat unit.This unit allows your s200 blaster unit to hit at an average fps of roughly 150.BE WARNED!!: This upgrade spring will give a higher tension applied throughout the whole blaster. Be sure t..
S200 1.6 Upgrade Spring.This listing only has the 1.6 Main upgrade spring for the S200. There is no other additional springs added with this main spring.This allows your S200 unit to do and average FPS of 130 with the Worker Gen 3 darts...
Monkee Mods Aluminium Barrel 16CM (S200) Monkee Mods Aluminium Barrel 16CM (S200)
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Need a slightly longer barrel for your S200 unit?Monkee Mods have a longer barrel to use with your Fire Rat Dart blaster.This barrel is 16cm in length as said in the name. Smooth barrel throughout the barrel to make your darts fly out smoothly.Colour: Orange...
ZWQ S200 Metal Catch ZWQ S200 Metal Catch
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Don't allow yourself to be bogged down by the durability of the internals of your S200 blaster.The new catch plate is made in metal giving it higher durability. BEST used along with the ZWQ S200 Metal piston.The listing of the S200 metal catch plate does not come with the replacement springs.Colour:..
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