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Worker Prophecy-R

Worker first custom injection molded shell which is released on August 2017. The Prophecy is based off Nerf Retaliator hence it's a springer blaster. However, it comes with a lot improvement than Nerf Retaliator. With Worker, they never shy about build quality and this is probably one of the best custom shell available in the market. In the inside, Worker released Prophecy with ability to use a standard Nerf Retaliator plunger tube or their own expanded plunger tube. This is what modders been looking for years and they do certainly deliver. Paired with their expanded tube, their longer 25N spring and high power stefan kit, the blaster capable of delivering more than 200FPS, which is close to what a Nerf Longshot can do but in a much small package. 

The Prophecy fair well in the look as well. It's pistol grip might be slightly smaller, but they are extreme comfortable. Since it's based off Nerf Retaliator, they are also compatible with all Retaliator body kit. When it released, they have more than 10 different compatible body kit available, making it extremely configurable inside and outside. Later on, Worker also released an injection molded honeybadger kit, making the Prophecy platform even stronger. F10555 also released an AWP kit for Prophecy, making Prophecy a must have blaster by any Nerf modder.

There is no deny that Worker Prophecy is one of the top platform to build a custom aftermarket blaster.

Brand: Worker
The Worker Prophecy Expanded Metal Plunger Tube with Plunger Rod set.This new plunger tube and plunger rod set has a larger plunger tube that allows more air to be used when propelling your darts out of your Worker Prophecy blaster. Giving your Worker Prophecy blaster a higher FPS.This set comes wit..
Brand: Worker
Improve the durability of your plunger tube with smoother operations. ..
Brand: Worker
Designed for the new Worker honeybadger barrel but also works on other barrel.Update 28/7/2022Red color now available..
Brand: Worker
This is an injection molded kit.Includes:- Honeybadger barrel- 22cm Top RailDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Extra inner barrel (only the short ones you seen in the picture will be provided)- Blaster- Buttstock (Optional)- Side rail for the barrel (Optional)..
Includes:- F10555 AWP Kit main assembly    - Handguard + Barrel    - Rails and Cover- F10555 AWP Kit buttstock (retaliator/prophecy version)- Worker AWP Kit CNC Aluminium Priming KitDoes Not Include:- Blaster- Magazine- Scope/Sight- BipodRecommended spring load for the priming ki..
Includes:- F10555 Barett front assembly    - Barrel    - Handguard with rails- Retaliator Top 22CM Rail- ButtstockDoes Not Include:- Scope/Sight- Blaster- Bipod..
Brand: Worker
Injection molded rifling muzzle..
Brand: Worker
This is meant to be used with Worker Stefan Breech (Power Kit)Length: 32 cm..
Convert a F10555 buffer tube into a power stock for Worker Prophecy shell...
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