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Springer Body Kit

Modify your blaster appearance for a more tacticool and practicool look with these body kits.

Dressing up your blaster is no doubt one of the biggest fun factor of Nerf blaster!

Brand: Worker
The same popular Worker Prophecy Retaliator kit but bundled with a longer inner barrel.In the kit :- Prophecy Retaliator Stefan Breech- Inner Barrel- Inner Barrel Adapter- 28n Long Spring- Metal Catch Plate- O-Rings and Thumb ScrewsRecommended to use with expanded plunger tube..
Add a sci-fi looking handguard to your vanilla Hammershot...
F10555 Hammershot Barrel Kit F10555 Hammershot Barrel Kit
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Introducing the sci-fi looking blaster kit for your Nerf Retaliator blaster! The MaLiang PDW1 Retaliator kit!*MaLiang PDW1 Retaliator Kit requires MenGun retaliator pump grip or Worker Retaliator Priming Bar to function properly*..
F10555 Helios Pump Kit F10555 Helios Pump Kit
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Note: You might have to do some shell mod to make it fit nicely..
Worker Honeybadger Prophecy Retaliator Metal Pump Grip Worker Honeybadger Prophecy Retaliator Metal Pump Grip
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Brand: Worker
Designed for the new Worker honeybadger barrel but also works on other barrel...
Brand: Worker
This is an injection molded kit.Includes:- Honeybadger barrel- 22cm Top RailDoes not include:- Any muzzle- Extra inner barrel (only the short ones you seen in the picture will be provided)- Blaster- Buttstock (Optional)- Side rail for the barrel (Optional)..
Includes:- F10555 AWP Kit main assembly    - Handguard + Barrel    - Rails and Cover- F10555 AWP Kit buttstock (retaliator/prophecy version)- Worker AWP Kit CNC Aluminium Priming KitDoes Not Include:- Blaster- Magazine- Scope/Sight- BipodRecommended spring load for the priming ki..
Includes:- F10555 Barett front assembly    - Barrel    - Handguard with rails- Retaliator Top 22CM Rail- ButtstockDoes Not Include:- Scope/Sight- Blaster- Bipod..
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