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Springer Body Kit

Modify your blaster appearance for a more tacticool and practicool look with these body kits.

Dressing up your blaster is no doubt one of the biggest fun factor of Nerf blaster!

Just like the Basic carbine body kit, the complete carbine kit comes with the necessary parts and pieces.This body kit comes with an additional upper piece that covers the priming bars from the basic carbine bodykit.The top piece has a raised iron sights and a removable picatinny rail mount to put y..
The New body kit for the ZWQ S200 unit.This bodykit makes your preferred S200 unit look like a carbine unit. This body kit will give your S200 blaster a significant weight increase and will make it front heavy.This bodykit unit also has a placement for your laser pointer unit (most likely a simple l..
ZWQ S200 Metal Front Piece
New Out Of Stock
The metal front piece for the ZWQ S200 has arrived on our stores.This unit is suitable with the ZWQ S200 Metal Priming block set, as the unit also has a hole point for the fiber optic. This unit does not come with the 2 screw bars to hold the front piece in your preferred S200 unitColour: ..
Shanye Cheetah 2.0 Pump Grip Conversion Kit
New Out Of Stock
Tired of loading your Cheetah 2.0 by moving the barrel? The Shanye Pump Grip conversion kit can help to alleviate this process. The kit has the buttstock, priming bar and breech unit, 2M-LOK handguard piece, buttstock holder, top rail, front barrel holder, handguard centering piece, top rail pi..
ZWQ S100 Metal Upgrade Parts
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The existing holding/anchor points of your S100 is broken/loose? Want to have a better The S100 Metal part helps to alleviate the problems you face. They include the front holder, center piece, priming block, trigger, dart gate holder rear block and the buttstock bar holder.Kindly note that the..
Brand: Worker
Want to change your Swift blaster colours but don't want to do the long way of using an allen-key screw driver to change it?Worker has made a set of quick access screws for the Worker Swift. This allow you to change the upper receiver of your Worker Swift to the colour option of your choice.This qui..
Brand: Maliang
The MaLiang JN 01 Hades Barrel Mechanic Modern StyleMaLiang's new 3D printed handguard for your Nerf Hammershot blaster. Giving a futuristic sci-fi look to your preferred Nerf Hammershot.This package comes with a barrel unit, handguard rail adapter, and screws.NOTE!!: The Nerf Hammershot blaste..
Brand: Worker
The same popular Worker Prophecy Retaliator kit but bundled with a longer inner barrel.In the kit :- Prophecy Retaliator Stefan Breech- Inner Barrel- Inner Barrel Adapter- 28n Long Spring- Metal Catch Plate- O-Rings and Thumb ScrewsRecommended to use with expanded plunger tube..
Enhance the looks of your Hammershot with F10555's 3D printed Curved Handguard.Easy installation and fit nicely on the shell, no need to cut or modify the shell.Material: PLA..
Add a sci-fi looking handguard to your vanilla Hammershot...
MaLiang PDW1 Retaliator Kit MaLiang PDW1 Retaliator Kit
Out Of Stock
Introducing the sci-fi looking blaster kit for your Nerf Retaliator blaster! The MaLiang PDW1 Retaliator kit!*MaLiang PDW1 Retaliator Kit requires MenGun retaliator pump grip or Worker Retaliator Priming Bar to function properly*..
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