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S100s Baize

ZWQ S100s Baize Magazine ZWQ S100s Baize Magazine
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Brand: ZWQ
Get yourself some extra magazine for your ZWQ S100s Baize Blaster. This magazine able to fit 7 darts at once and it come with a flap that work with the blaster bolt lock system.This magazine is only proprietary to the ZWQ S100s Baize Blaster only. Colours Option:Transparent Black..
Brand: ZWQ
The brand new powerhouse manufactured by ZWQ, now had arrived in MM store.Introducing the new powerful blaster from ZWQ, the ZWQ S100s Baize. This blaster come with a new futuristic railgun outlook design with the polycarbonate receiver shell. Most of the internals of this blaster were made from CNC..
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