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Challenger MK3

QWK Challenger MK3 Complete Trigger Assembly QWK Challenger MK3 Complete Trigger Assembly
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Brand: QWK
Complete trigger assembly for QWK Challenger MK3 blaster.- Plug and play -No Soldering Required..
USD20.00 USD17.00
Brand: QWK
Replacement fire selector switch for QWK Challenger MK3 blaster- Plug and play-No soldering required..
A new barrel upgrade for your QWK Challenger MK3 had landed in our shop.A specific made of 280mm barrel with grooves for the QWK Challenger MK3.Barrel Dimension:Length: 280mmOuter Diameter: 16mmInner Diameter: 14mmColour: Orange..
Brand: QWK
The QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition come out with new nylon receiver shell, It provide your blaster a better durability.This blaster come with a Magnetic Active Dart Corrector. Which will help your blaster to reduce the rate of blaster jamming.This package includes:1x Blaster with New Nylon..
Brand: QWK
Fingers are too short to hit the Mag release?We have the extended version of the Mag release. Made in CNC Aluminium allowing the mag release to last longer.It retains the original look but have an extended flap to allow the ease of activating the mag release.The item comes with its own screw.Colour:..
USD11.25 USD9.56
Brand: QWK
We have the QWK Challenger Mk3 Metal bolt release in our store.This unit acts as a replacement part for those who have broken their original bolt release for the Pro Max Edition, and it acts as an upgrade part for those who have purchased the Standard edition.The item comes together with a replaceme..
Brand: QWK
Update your spring loaded Active Dart corrector now with these magnets!The concept of the Magnetic Active Dart Corrector is to utilize the Magnetic Repulsion to apply a downward pressure with the corrector plate to keep the darts orientation right before they are fed into the barrel by the breech/pu..
Brand: QWK
The latest updated PyreCannon Active Dart Corrector for the QWK Challenger Mk3. This is a 3D Printed Nylon product.Unlike the first few batches of the Active Dart Corrector, it is now magnetic based instead of spring loaded to correct the dart orientation.The concept of the Magnetic Active Dart..
QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Pro Max Edition QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Pro Max Edition
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Brand: QWK
This is the Pro Max version of the Challenger MK3. In the PRO MAX version, the MK3 comes with bolt lock feature, a CNC metal gearbox and on top of that metal internals. This allows it to utilise much stronger spring but the spring provided will perform about 180FPS. 3 extra picatinny rails are inclu..
Brand: QWK
UPDATE NOTES:23/5/2022: The Magazines now have a better and upgraded mag lip that prevents the darts from popping off the magazine. this new magazine also now has a much tougher nylon magazine base.Improved magazine for the QWK x MM Challenger MK3. Compatible with both Standard and PRO version. This..
Brand: QWK
UPDATE NOTES:23/5/2022: The QWK Standard edition now comes in full black translucent, the same colours of the QWK Challenger MK3 Pro edition.The QWK Challenger MK3 is finally available. As per title, this version of MK3 that you obtain from our store is different from the usual ones as we partnered ..
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