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Nerf Motor

Undoubtedly the most vital part in a flywheel blaster. A must have modification if you intend to bring your Flywheeler into the next level!

The motor upgrades can give your flywheel blaster a huge FPS boost, higher speed and torque and able to withstand higher power output from using the Li-Po batteries.

Brand: Titan
Titan is back again with another awesome and affordable 180 motor, this time with Titan Cronus-X 2 motor, succeeding Titan Cronus-X which is released about around August 2017, close to a year ago. Same as it predecessor, the Cronus-X 2 is a 3S(11.1V) 180 flywheel motor.So what did Titan update ..
Titan Hyperion Titan Hyperion
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Brand: Titan
A fully optimized flywheel motor for all flywheel blasters, custom tailored to deliver a high amount of torque without the need to cut your shell.This is the best aftermarket motor you can have without altering the flywheel blaster parts. The motor is designed to be used with 2S Lipo (7.4V), as..
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