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Nerf Hammershot

The Hammershot is a hammer-action revolver Nerf blaster that was released on August 4th, 2013 under the Zombie Strike series.

The Hammershot is essentially the "brother" blaster to the Rebelle Sweet Revenge; unlike the Sweet Revenge, it features a faux-wood finish on its handle and fake fabric wrapped around it. Like its name suggests, it is primed via a hammer, and is one of the first blasters to utilize this design. It also sports a tactical rail on top of the blaster and has a strap point for a sling or bandolier on the end of the handle. The Z-Strike logo is located just behind the forward mounted five dart cylinder.


Brand: Maliang
The MaLiang JN 01 Hades Barrel Mechanic Modern StyleMaLiang's new 3D printed handguard for your Nerf Hammershot blaster. Giving a futuristic sci-fi look to your preferred Nerf Hammershot.This package comes with a barrel unit, handguard rail adapter, and screws.NOTE!!: The Nerf Hammershot blaste..
Enhance the looks of your Hammershot with F10555's 3D printed Curved Handguard.Easy installation and fit nicely on the shell, no need to cut or modify the shell.Material: PLA..
F10555 Hammershot Handguard Kit
Out Of Stock
Add a sci-fi looking handguard to your vanilla Hammershot...
Monkee Mods Hammershot Metal Sear & Trigger Monkee Mods Hammershot Metal Sear & Trigger
Out Of Stock
Brand: Monkee Mods
Pimp up your hammershot with this new shiny metal trigger and sear!Designed and produced by Colonel Wasp (a small part-time nerfer from China), the metal sear and trigger is a must have if you plan to upgrade your Hammershot. The elevated sear allows priming heavier spring load to be much easier and..
Includes:- Body Kit- Top RailExcludes:- Blaster..
Includes:- Body Kit- Top RailExcludes:- Blaster..
USD22.00 USD18.70
Worker Hammershot 7KG Spring Kit
Out Of Stock
Make your Nerf Hammershot shoot darts further with the spring upgrade from Worker...
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