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Merdeka blaster

In conjunction with our country, Malaysia incoming National Day celebration. We bring you a special bundle deal for our ZWQ S200 Fire Rat.For details description for the ZWQ S200 Fire Rat click on this link .Bundle include:1x ZWQ S200 Fire Rat (Lime Green) 2x ZWQ S200 Fire Rat Magazin..
Brand: QWK
UPDATE NOTES:23/5/2022: The QWK Standard edition now comes in full black translucent, the same colours of the QWK Challenger MK3 Pro edition.The QWK Challenger MK3 is finally available. As per title, this version of MK3 that you obtain from our store is different from the usual ones as we partnered ..
A 300FPS powerhouse, thanks to it's huge plunger tube, the S100 War Saint is definitely a force to be reckon in the field.To learn more about the blaster, you can read our review at in full transparent, Transparent ..
Brand: Worker
Worker Phoenix Feature: - Three staged flywheel blaster.- Speed controller to control the fire rate of the blaster. - Quick access screw for Battery access. - Uses XT-60 connector type batteries only.Comes in: Transparent only..
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