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Brand: Monkee Mods
Tough nylon base printing. High durability.Aluminium smooth surface. Same function with the injection molded Firefly shells. ..
Heavyweight, Dragon Jr, Stefan DartsIntroducing the brand new variant for Dragon Jr series. The heavyweight darts from Dragon Jr provides you a better performance and durability. These new darts had better stiffer foam body and use better glue for tip to stay on the foam body even after multiple usa..
Spare parts for your HC Diana Blaster.This spare part come in a set of 1x flywheel and 1x flywheel motor..
Brand: Monkee Mods
A 3D printed buttcap for your MM Firelfy Blaster.Cover up the no attachement bare buttstock connector with a cap with extra functionality.Come with a worker sling hook for you to attach to your Firefly blaster.Color: Black or Orange..
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