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Jikey High Charge Battery with 14.8v, 550mAh and XT-30 connector. Fits and works well with HC Diana Blaster...
Rejoice shell ejecting blaster user, a brand new adjustable shell catcher had arrived in the MM store.This shell catcher is mount on the blaster with picatinny holder and able to adjust the position with metal frame of the shell catcher.Easy installation, easy to use as well. Instead removing the wh..
Brand: ZWQ
A full set of ZWQ S200 Fire Rat metal slide catch. Provide you a better durability for the slide action whenever you are out of darts.Consist :1x Metal Slide Catch1x Metal Spring Plate1x Slide Catch SpringColour: Only Black..
Brand: ZWQ
Wanna get a tacticool looking slide for your ZWQ S200S viper? Look no further, MM got you covered.The ZWQ S200S Viper Competition Metal Slide Assembly will provide the aesthetic look you are looking for. This slide assembly come with a metal priming pull handle at the back of the slide for you ..
MEGO Metal SCAR Bearing Muzzle had arrived in Monkee Mods store.This metal muzzle unit bearing angle is 5 degrees. It able to attach on any 15.8mm or 16mm diameter barrel due to its locking system.This metal muzzle also have a higher durability and able to take heavy duty as it made of CNC metal.Col..
Brand: Worker
We have new kind of Worker stefan dart in MM store!!!Worker Stefan Tracer Darts with luminous foam body. Come in white color luminous foam body with orange tip. Each box come with 200 dartsDart Measurement:Length: 36mmDiameter: 13mmWeight: 1g each dartRecommend to use this dart with Worker..
Brand: ZWQ
The newest design of the ZWQ S200.Average FPS with stock spring: 90-95Stock Spring diameter: 1.4Inside the box will include a 1.6 spring, that will increase the FPS up to 170+ using QWK EPP darts.Compatibility : The main upgrade spring, and S200 holder.The slide is RMR ready.Update from Monkee ..
Scared that your plunger rod of your preferred firefly might break?We have the shock absorber padding for your plunger rod unit.We have heard many cases and complaints of broken plunger rods and we have come up with a good solution for this particular problem. This has been dry-fire tested with our ..
The Metal Pusher rod is the new addition to our metal parts for the ZWQ S200.This is the more durable metal construction of the S200 pusher rod. Instead of one whole piece, the metal pusher rod comes in two pieces, which are the pusher rod itself and the pusher rod holding block.This unit also comes..
The ZWQ S200 Metal Dart Gate unitThis dart gate unit is made in metal material giving it higher durability for longer blaster usage in gamesThis unit comes together with a metal air gate that is the the other end of the plunger tube unit and a pair of screws to hold the whole unit together.NOTE!!:&n..
S200 1.6 Upgrade Spring.This listing only has the 1.6 Main upgrade spring for the S200. There is no other additional springs added with this main spring.This allows your S200 unit to do and average FPS of 130 with the Worker Gen 3 darts...
Want to make your ZWQ S200 Fire Rat have a more realistic weight feel?The S200 Metal slide should be able to fit your needs.This metal slide comes with a nylon spring guide. You don't need to reuse the old spring guide from the nylon slide itself.UPDATE FROM MONKEE MODS (14/9/2023)The Spring guide n..
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