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Want to carry more mags during games?Scorpion style soft shell magazine pouch for your m4 magazine needs. It able to hold your M4 style mags either for foam darts or gel ball.Size Measurement: L: 12cmW: 8.5cmH: 4cmColors that are available:BlackBlueOrangeGrey..
This is an O-ring replacement for your QWK Challenger MK3 when your stock O-ring broke. Measurement of O-RingDiameter: 12mmThickness: 1.9mmMaterial: NBRIt come in 2pcs per packet..
Brand: QWK
The new composite breech for the Challenger Mk3 has arrived.This breech unit is made with a mix of CNC Aluminium pusher rod, metal teeth on the breech and nylon breech body.It can act as a replacement part for your affected Challenger Mk3 gearbox unit.It can be used in both Pro Max gearbox unit and ..
SeaStar S200 FireRat SCAR Bearing Compensator SeaStar S200 FireRat SCAR Bearing Compensator
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The S200 Fire Rat Exclusive SCAR Bearing muzzle has arrived in our stores.This new bearing muzzle is a 3d printed muzzle that comes in 3 parts. It has a replacement front muzzle piece, the Bearing muzzle, and Bearing muzzle cover.It replaces the original front muzzle of the ZWQ S200. This unit also ..
The 3D Printed Nylon Silencer Shroud Muzzle Cover from HQ has arrived in our stores.This new silencer shroud can ONLY be used with the HQ Metal Scar Bearing Muzzle unit. The length of the silencer shroud cover is approx. 15cm.This silencer cover is very suitable for foam blasters with very long barr..
HQ's own 3D printed Nylon muzzle cover has arrived in our store.This unit is meant to make your preferred blaster using the HQ Metal Scar Bearing Muzzle to be more tacticool.The muzzle covers come in 5 different shapes and they are ONLY meant to be used with the HQ Metal Scar Bearing Muzzle.Each muz..
We now have the tacticool rails for the Colonel Wasp x Monkee Mods 76 unit.This rail units come together with their own screws. Each rail unit length is approx. 15.5cm.These rail units may have the left and right designation but they are usable as top rails for the 76 foam dart blaster unit.Colour: ..
This is a QWK original in house designed 3D printed Railgun Muzzle piece for your QWK MK3 Challenger.Unlike the original muzzle that cover up the whole front end of the barrel/SCAR/BCAR, this Railgun Muzzle piece will expose the left/right.Got a nice Bearing Scar? Show it off!Got a 3D printer? You c..
Your old MK Stefan darts body durability getting weaker?MK has made a new set of Stefan darts and they have a thicker dart body compared to the first one.These stefan darts like the original can be used with your preferred dart blaster units. Quantity: 100 dartsColour: Purple ONLY..
Monkee Mods Firefly Preassembled Blaster V2.5 Monkee Mods Firefly Preassembled Blaster V2.5
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Brand: Monkee Mods
Monkee Mods Firefly Preassembled BlasterThe Monkee Mods Firefly is now partially assembled for those who have difficulty building the blaster up from scratch. The unit has the 5kg spring installed in the receiver unit, while having the 12 kg spring inside with some of the unbuilt parts in a zip-lock..
These MK Stefan darts are the new darts addition inside our stores.This new MK stefan darts are a replica of the Adventure Force half-length darts.These new darts can give more life to your Nerf games.Colour: Black ONLY..
Need more fun out of your S200 Fire Rat blaster?We've got your back with the ZWQ S200 Magazines. Gain more fun our of your newly purchased S200 Fire Rat blasters.Built in Nylon for lightweight and ease of carry.UPDATE(23/4/2022): New batch of magazines now have a weighted Metal Mag Base built i..
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