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If you are looking to build a complete custom Nerf blaster, then you are at the right place. We offer a variety of pre-configured setup so you can worry less about getting the wrong parts. All you have to do is install them and play.

An all brand new innovation of flywheel blaster is ready to perform in your hands. Introducing the brand new brushless flywheel blaster, Diana. Manufactured by Hare Technology, an innovative change to put a brushless flywheel into a compact size blaster, with the measurement only of 207mm long..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Proudly introducing the new collaboration between Monkee Mods and American Foam, a well know YouTuber in the foam slinging community. This is a limited edition firefly blaster mainly featuring a different colour scheme, icy blue and bright orange. This reskin version of Firefly we did some smal..
Brand: Phantom Tech
NOTE!!!!: This blaster is not available for the US customer. For US customers Click Here to buy the blaster from Shellington Labs.The well known YouTuber Walcom S7 has a new blaster collaboration. This time is with Phantom Tech Kirin Type-A. Same with the original Phantom Tech Kirin T..
Brand: Monkee Mods
Pre-orders will be start shipping at 11th September 2023.Our Firefly had been infuse with some magical color and transform into a new color variant of MM Firefly Blaster. For this blaster it will be coming in the FULLY ASEEMBLED, please be aware while you purchasing this products. The blaster r..
XYL KM-9 Unicorn Blaster XYL KM-9 Unicorn Blaster
New Out Of Stock
Brand: XYL
The newest entry for those who wanna join into the foam flinging hobby. XYL brings you this ULTRA COMPACT design blaster that still pack a punch.This Unicorn blaster main features are-The quick up and down tear-down mechanism, able for easier spring swap and maintenance. Fast locking with 2 tak..
Brand: Phantom Tech
NOTE!!!!: This blaster is not available for the US customer. For US customers Click Here to buy the blaster from Shellington Labs.The new springer blaster has arrive into the field and now is available in MM store!!!!Design from Shellington Labs, manufactured by Phantom Tech. A new power h..
Brand: ZWQ
The brand new powerhouse manufactured by ZWQ, now had arrived in MM store.Introducing the new powerful blaster from ZWQ, the ZWQ S100s Baize. This blaster come with a new futuristic railgun outlook design with the polycarbonate receiver shell. Most of the internals of this blaster were made from CNC..
ZWQ S200S Viper ZWQ S200S Viper
Out Of Stock
Brand: ZWQ
The newest design of the ZWQ S200.Average FPS with stock spring: 90-95Stock Spring diameter: 1.4Inside the box will include a 1.6 spring, that will increase the FPS up to 170+ using QWK EPP darts.Compatibility : The main upgrade spring, and S200 holder.The slide is RMR ready.Update from Monkee ..
Brand: QWK
The QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition come out with new nylon receiver shell, It provide your blaster a better durability.This blaster come with a Magnetic Active Dart Corrector. Which will help your blaster to reduce the rate of blaster jamming.This package includes:1x Blaster with New Nylon..
Brand: Worker
You waited long enough for this blaster to arrive.The Worker Nightingale has arrive in our shop, featuring a single stage motor flywheel unit that allows itself to be used as a secondary unit blaster to your preferred primary unit.This unit comes with a holster(non-clip held by gravity), a proprieta..
Colonel Wasp x Monkee Mods 76 Blaster Colonel Wasp x Monkee Mods 76 Blaster
Out Of Stock
We know you guys been waiting long for this but the Colonel Wasp x Monkee Mods 76 Blaster is finally here. You can read more about this blaster in this blog postThis version of 76 blaster that we have is based on the A1 Revision which is an improved version compared to the original release of 7..
Monkee Mods Firefly Preassembled Blaster V2.5 Monkee Mods Firefly Preassembled Blaster V2.5
Out Of Stock
Brand: Monkee Mods
Monkee Mods Firefly Preassembled BlasterThe Monkee Mods Firefly is now partially assembled for those who have difficulty building the blaster up from scratch. The unit has the 5kg spring installed in the receiver unit, while having the 12 kg spring inside with some of the unbuilt parts in a zip-lock..
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