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Colonel Wasp Firefly

Colonel Wasp Firefly Shells
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You need extra shells?. We've got you covered.Sold as individual units.Shells are designed to fit half length nerf darts. They are not real firearm shotshells...
3D printed buttstock for your Colonel Wasp Firefly blaster!..
The tactical look and feel 3D printed forend pump grip by DK for your Colonel Wasp Firefly blaster!*AFG in the picture is sold separately*..
Colonel Wasp Firefly Blaster Colonel Wasp Firefly Blaster
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Note (9 Sep 2021) : This is a clearance sale as there will be new revision of the product coming soon. Introducing the long awaited shell ejecting shotgun by Colonel Wasp. If you're a fan of pump action shotgun, this is a must for you.Performance : Tested with 9KG Worker Longshot Spring @ 170FP..
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