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Brand: QWK
The QWK x MM Challenger Mk3 Standard Edition come out with new nylon receiver shell, It provide your blaster a better durability.This blaster come with a Magnetic Active Dart Corrector. Which will help your blaster to reduce the rate of blaster jamming.This package includes:1x Blaster with New Nylon..
Brand: Holy Warrior
The new Ronin red dot sight replica from Holy Warrior has arrived in our shop.This new sight has much better clarity with better optic lens.These comes in 2 different optic height options, which are High mount and Low mount. The high mount unit allows the usage of your preferred iron sights of your ..
Brand: Holy Warrior
Holy Warrior now has their own replica of the Ronin Red dot sight.This unit has a lens size of 35mm in diameter. This unit just like the 20mm counterpart, it uses a CR2032 button cell battery, and also have the same locations of the reticle brightness adjustor and the windage adjustors.The only key ..
Brand: T-Eagle
T-eagle has a new 4x ACOG unit in our store.This ACOG unit is a replica of the Trinity Force Titan V1 ACOG unit. This ACOG unit is unlike the usual ACOG units, where it does not have the chevron reticle with the fiber optic lining to light up the reticle. This unit has the standard Mil-spec reticle...
Brand: QWK
UPDATE NOTES:23/5/2022: The QWK Standard edition now comes in full black translucent, the same colours of the QWK Challenger MK3 Pro edition.The QWK Challenger MK3 is finally available. As per title, this version of MK3 that you obtain from our store is different from the usual ones as we partnered ..
The long awaited ZWQ S200 has finally arrived in our store.This new sidearm dart blaster has a sleek ergonomic look that can fit your needs of a quick reaction sidearm blaster. This unit has an impressive performance giving an average FPS of 110 with the Worker Gen 3 darts. This unit also comes with..
Brand: Monkee Mods
For restock timeline, refer to a long wait, the Firefly is now back with a much needed update. The new Firefly will fully manufactured by Monkee Mods and we are super excited to deliver this lovely shell ejecting shotgun to y..
A 300FPS powerhouse, thanks to it's huge plunger tube, the S100 War Saint is definitely a force to be reckon in the field.To learn more about the blaster, you can read our review at in full transparent, Transparent ..
Brand: Worker
The Cheetah 2.0 is a new springer blaster from Worker. It is a direct upgrade from the front loading blaster version, the Worker Cheetah.The package includes the blaster shell, metal plunger tube and rod assembly, outer barrel, rifled muzzle and stefan dart magazine. This unit is not assembled out o..
Brand: Worker
The long awaited Worker Terminator is here!This package includes the Worker Terminator shell with full internals package that gives you a fully functional blaster that does around 230FPS using the 40cm Monkee Mods inner barrel.What you're getting :- Terminator Shell(Transparent)- Worker Longshot Met..
Brand: Worker
One of the most well known blaster within the community, designed by none other than Captain Slug himself, the caliburn is a 3D printed blaster made with hardware store parts. The blaster have been around for quite some time and this is a variant of Caliburn made and packaged by Worker/F10555. ..
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